DEARING, Ga. (WJBF)- “We need the help of the public with crime you see something say something and we need all the help we can get to solve crime” said Logan Marshall, McDuffie County Sheriff.

It’s a “National Night Out Against Crime” across the state of Georgia, and those in Dearing are coming together for some fun in the sun, but with a purpose.

 “The main reason you know get people to come out and meet their neighbors and meet some folks that maybe they hadn’t seen in a while and also more importantly meet your sheriffs officers who were in town your deputies and get to know them, ” said Dearing Mayor Sean Kelley.

National Night Out happens each year to raise awareness against crime and drug prevention.

It’s also a chance for people to learn about a career in law enforcement. 

“Hopefully they get some nice new recruits or some interest of younger kids that may not be eligible right now but in the future interest in being on the sheriffs department,” said Kelley.

 It’s a good thing with everything all the crimes and all this happened all over the United States now that all of the law-enforcement and the community just need to get together and be proactive on everything that we can do,” said Marshall.