As those patrons left Augusta National, some made their way up and down Washington Road.

It’s the day everyone has been waiting for all week long. 

“It’s been great, the city’s lovely, I mean the weather has been hit or miss but we’ve had a great time. The hospitality’s been awesome, and we couldn’t really ask for anything else,” David Evans said.

But no one thought the weather would turn out the way it did. Still, they had one goal. 

“We came from Orlando, Florida and part of the whole entire drive up here we were talking about like ‘do we actually go, do we risk this whole entire– maybe the ground gets canceled, but the answer is obviously, yes. This is a great atmosphere; the community is great– absolutely take the risk and worst-case scenario you still get to hang out with probably one of the best areas in the world,” Seve Huwitt said.

Patrons lined up outside of nearby restaurants as the courses at Augusta National improved. 

Fans and golfers know that being in Augusta– this week– means a whole lot. 

“You get a chance to come to the Masters, you take full advantage of it. Doesn’t matter what the conditions are, you come here, and you enjoy the situation– we were at the Masters for a little bit, we came to a couple of restaurants as well and enjoyed ourselves,” Huwitt said.

So, whether they are down the street grabbing a bite, stalling time, or on the green, being at the Masters is their dream. 

“For the weather conditions, it’s just– they roll with the punches, and make the best out of it. So, what more could you ask for? It’s the greatest week in golf of the year,” Gavin Flynn said.