AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Golf remains a sport of international appeal. 

From Vietnam to South Africa, patrons from all over the world find themselves at Augusta National during Masters week.

We ran into Tomas Carvagal from Spain earlier in the week.

He started school at Augusta Christian last fall, where he currently plays golf.

“I mean…it’s so crazy because I used to watch them all my life, like, on the TV,” said Carvagal. “And now, being here, it’s different. It hits different, yeah.” 

David Mooi traveled nearly 20 hours from South Africa.

He’s a decades-long golfer and he said he’s rooting for his countrymen.

“I see them from a distance on TV,” said Mooi. “But to be closer to these guys is amazing. It’s a good feeling.”

“I’m not as good as these guys, you know?” said Mooi. “I’m here to learn as well.

Chi Nguyen is originally from Vietnam. She says being at the Masters feels “special”.

“I wanna see the golf course, most of all. It’s so famous,” said Nguyen. “And all the surroundings and the people…everybody seems so happy here.”

And hailing from Rio Brazil, Valeria Miller recently moved to Georgia after her son accepted a job at Augusta National.

“This is a hello to all the Brazilians in the United States,” said Miller. “And I’m going to have such a great time!”

Many international patrons told us about their plans beyond the famous course.

“Well, I’m going back to Atlanta to see some friends and I’ll play golf there,” said Mooi. “Yesterday, by the way, I played one of the golf courses here.”

Patrons from all over the world all seem to agree: The Masters continues to delight…whether you’re a golf expert or a casual viewer.