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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) -October is breast cancer awareness month and Wednesday at Fort Gordon guest speaker Margie Singleton who is a breast cancer survivor and she’s the reason for House Bill 62.

House Bill 62 passed earlier this year. It paved the way for Georgia to become the 38th state with legislation requiring that women who receive a mammogram be notified about their breast density and the implications it could have.

“Once I realized the need for this law in Georgia, this was one way I could give back to those who were giving to me at that point. It was almost therapeutic to know that even though I couldn’t physically help myself, now I could help others through the steps.” says Margie Singleton Founder of Margie’s Army Foundation.

Breast Density is one of the most common reasons a mammogram fails to detect cancer. It presents unique challenges for breast cancer patients and providers.

“My breast sergeant told me that I had dense breast tissue and that trying to find a cancer on a mammogram report was nearly impossibly. It’s like trying to find a golf ball in the middle of a snow blizzard,” says Margie.

Dense breast tissue has the potential to mask cancerous tumors in mammography results, many women don’t learn they have breast cancer until their disease has reached an advanced stage.

“The breast density that they are talking about, i didn’t know that i had that breast density,” says Jinny McMutt a breast cancer survivor.

Jinny McMutt is a breast cancer survivor who attended the even to show her support.

“I think it’s very important so people can get educated, I think people don’t have any idea what it’s about until I got breast cancer, which I couldn’t believe but I did,” says Ms. McMutt

It stories like Margie’s and that of other breast cancer survivors that urge and encourage women to get a mammogram done yearly.

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