Many Aiken County parents think the district is doing a good job

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North Augusta, SC (WJBF)- School starts August 31 for Aiken County students. Some parents said they have full confidence in the district while others said they are frustrated.

Lisa Christie has two children in the Aiken County school system.

“I feel like they have done a great job. There was no right answer. There was no easy answer, no easy decision to be made. I feel like they gave the parents what we wanted, which was options,” Christie explained.

Theresa Calhoun also has children in Aiken County. She said that she is not worried.

“I’m fairly confident everything is going to work out fine.”

Aiken County gave parents the choice of a hybrid schedule which included two days of face to face instruction and three days of virtual learning. Or they could commit to at least a semester of full virtual learning.

“I guess my concerns are more about the fourth grader. I don’t want her to fall behind going the two days a week. But I have a lot of faith in the school system and that they are going to prepare things for them to do on their virtual days so they won’t fall behind,” said Christie.

Karen Dorsey didn’t want to go on camera but said, “I do not have concerns as far as the virus, however I am concerned about the children’s overall education from such short lecture times.”

Another parent who asked to remain anonymous told me she has a lot of frustrations with the district. Her child is attending Aiken Innovate, the fully virtual option, but she said they haven’t been provided the materials they need to start school.

The woman said that the district told her they would be able to provide a device but not until September eighth. This means her child will miss the first week of school.

“I chose virtual because of the corona, so it’s gonna be a difference because she’s gonna be behind because she has to learn how to use the computer and everything, you know, basically by herself. Because this next week is the week of learning how to use everything,” said the woman.

NewsChannel 6 has reached out to the district for comment.

But another parent whose kids are doing virtual learning says that she is impressed with how the district has handled a difficult situation.

Courtney Pruett said “I know there are a lot of kids in the district that are doing virtual this year and I’m sure organizing everything was a challenging but they have done an amazing job in my opinion!!”

” I’m ready. I’m pretty sure they’re ready,” laughed Calhoun.

“We are super excited to go back to school. We think they are doing an excellent job,” said Christie.

Ready or not, Aiken County kids are going back to school.

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