Make up school day questions raised as Savannah’s hurricane evacuees head home

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Augusta, GA (WJBF) Missed instructional time could be discussed as early as next week.

According to an agreement with the Chatham County (Savannah) government, when people living there are mandated to evacuate, they are brought to Augusta for shelter.

The agreement states those evacuees will be housed at schools within the Augusta Richmond County School System. As a result, Augusta students miss school for the duration of the evacuation event.

Richmond County Schools spokesperson says, those missed instructional days could be discussed as soon as next week at the Board’s committee meeting and if not at that meeting then at the full board meeting in October.

The board’s decision would recommend either adding the missed days to the end or the school calendar either all or in part or not at all, allowing for a forgiveness for missed instructional time.

Teachers, who are contract employees with the school system, are required to clock a certain number of hours inside the classroom as stated in their contractual agreement. For those teachers or contractual employees who volunteered in the evacuation shelters, they would receive that time back outside of the classroom at their discretion.

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