AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Long lines are forming at gas stations in response to the Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack.

“We saw it with toilet paper and now we’re seeing it with the gas,” says Jody Dickson as he waits at the 5th gas station he’s been to in one day.

A temporary slow down on gas has some people at the pump panicking.

“I think people are just over-reacting, they’re scared, they’re afraid, it’s foolish on their part,” says Robert.

Robert says he got lucky today only waiting 10 minutes to get gas, but that wasn’t the case for Vy Homsombath, who says he was on the search for half an hour.

“I drive a good 5 to 10 miles just to get to work, because I work over towards here and I only had 14 miles of gas left,” Homsombath.

Homsombath says he wouldn’t have been able to make it back home without stopping for gas, and that goes the same for Jessica Paulos.

Paulos lives in Evans, and says, “I think that’s what causes the shortage, a little bit to tell you the truth, is people over-react, I actually technically really do need gas, I didn’t even know this was going on until someone told me about it.”

Leaders from the colonial pipeline issued a statement on Tuesday, saying they’re working with the Department of Energy to see which gas stations are in short supply. Tuesday they delivered 41 million gallons of gas to several states including Georgia and South Carolina. Pipeline leaders issued a statement on Wednesday saying they’ve restarted the pipeline, but it’ll take a few days before things return to normal at the pump.

Until gas becomes regularly available again, people like Homsombath are preserving what they have.

“I usually cut the grass on the weekend, because it’s a little bit sunnier over the weekend so I had like two gas cans left over a little bit half and half so like almost 5 gallons so it got me through Sunday and Monday but now I’m kind of looking for it again,” says Homsombath.