THOMSON Ga (WJBF)- Known for his selfless service to the community and his country, Louis Graziano is surrounded by family and friends celebrating his 100th birthday.

“well it’s great to such a big crowd in all for this birthday I didn’t expect all of this” said Louis Graziano.

Graziano is the last surviving World War II veteran to witness the German Surrender and was a part the Omaha Beach Invasion.

“I think the first word that comes to mind is just wow what a journey a journey that started in New York that took you to camp hood. Over to the battle fields of Europe and then back here “ said Col. Reginald Evans, Fort Gordon.

Mr. Graziano is a piece of living history, which is why the Thomson community wanted to show its appreciation on his special day. 

“ I appreciate everybody coming out for this celebration and it’s great to be here” said Graziano.

A lifetime of service, that has inspired a new generation. 

“I believe that your purposed in your heart that failure was not an option and that you were going to see your men through that conflict so that is the definition and the epitome of duty honor and selfless service” said Col. Reginald Evans, Fort Gordon.