Local researchers work with military personnel to protect you from cyber warfare.

Local researchers are working with the military to protect you and your family from cyber warfare. 

On Wednesday, Augusta University’s Director of Intelligence and Security Studies, Dr. Craig Albert, lead a discussion at Ft. Gordon on state sponsored cyber attacks. 

The purpose of the discussion was two fold. First, Dr. Albert shared information with soldiers and airman about AU’s recent research on state sponsored cyber attacks. Second, he wanted to learn from the cyber experts at Ft. Gordon who protect Americans from cyber attacks every day. 

Technical Sergeants Michael Abbott and Robert Blackmon shared why they showed up for the meeting. 

“It’s relevant to our job,” TSgt Abbott said. “It was great that an academic institution locally was able to come here and give their perspective on what was going on.”

TSgt Blackmon piggy backed off of TSgt Abbott and said, “I think it’s super important for people who are operating at the tactical and operational level to are able to talk to those people that are operating at the strategic level and making those policies.”

Recently, Dr. Albert and others studied state-sponsored cyber attacks, which are those motivated by leaders of countries. It is a topic with little quantifiable information. 

“We have theory so we think this is what’s going to influence the initiation of a cyber attack, but for a congressional member, they’re not going to institute a policy based on theory from academia so using the data, we hope to fill that void,” Dr. Albert explains. 

Often, there is a disconnect between those who defend our country and who create the policies our armed forces carry out. 

“The politics of cyberspace is brand new and something that congressional members just don’t have a grasp on yet,” Dr. Albert says. A lot of the political scientists and congressional members are just transferring the knowledge of nuclear policy into the cyberspace. Just because something is relevant in one form of the battle space for instance, doesn’t mean that it’s relevant in another form and you can actually make something worse. 

Dr. Albert hopes discussions like this turn knowledge into effective strategies. 

“The whole point of this degree program at Augusta University is to bring together military members who do this, operators on the ground with academics with congressional members and staffers to really create and information sharing process where they understand what type of strategic theorizing we do. We can get the operational insight from them and then together create policy that’s going to benefit the national security of the united States,” Dr. Albert describes. 

Dr. Albert hopes discussions like Wednesday’s continue to better shape policy in the future. 

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