AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — President Biden’s American Families plan would cost about $1.8 trillion dollars with another $2 trillion included in the jobs plan to rebuild the nations infrastructure.

The White House says the plans would be paid over 15 years by increasing taxes on the wealthiest Americans and increasing the corporate tax rate.

” People think of corporations as these huge conglomerates, but the vast majority of corporations in America are 20 to 30 employees. Little guys and gals and not big businesses. Jacking up their rates would hurt them as we try to get through this pandemic,” Tim Phillips said.

Tim Philips, president of Americans for Prosperity said the families and jobs plan would hit Americans hard — and that’s why he’s part of a statewide initiative to stop the bill from passing.

” All the spending coming out of Washington is starting to drive up inflation which hits folks on fixed incomes and we’re starting to see inflation rise which is a bad thing for the country. Now is not the time to spend several more trillion dollars,” Phillips said.

He was joined by Georgia congressmen Jody Hice and Rick Allen to encourage people to tell their representatives to defeat the bill.

” To vote no on this trillion more on spending and to vote no on these tax increases,” Phillips said.

Some democrats have a different perspective — state senator Harold Jones said the plan would create jobs and boost the economy.

” What we normally see when we have these stimulus type of actions by the federal government what we normally see is that the economy moves forward, people get jobs and a lot of the detriment that people say may happen does not happen,” Jones said.

Though Jones is looking to see the bill pass, he’s open to a bi-partisan partnership to move the country forward.

” The real question is how do we improve the economy and how do we improve the nation. That’s the real question,” Jones said.