AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — Period poverty refers to not being able to afford feminine hygiene products such as pads, tampons, or liners.

Its a global challenge, but also one that hits home for women in the CSRA.

” Its sort of a problem that is not as talked about because people are so uncomfortable talking about puberty and periods,” Lindsay Johnson said.

Its a problem Danielle Parks is hoping to solve with P3 Party, an a organization which provides resources to help families needing sanitary products.

” The reason why this program has been so successful is because we as women know its an issue. No one really talks about it, but we know its an issue. I have no problem getting donations because moms know that this is an problem and if I can help at least one girl then I’m being a part of the solution,” founder of P3 Party Danielle Parks said.

The organization also provides education about puberty — a topic some parents say often goes overlooked.

” When I was a young girl my mother didn’t speak to me on those items, so I think this organization opens it up for parents to speak to their children and to have someone they’re comfortable speaking with,” Veeta Perry said.

Parks wants to take her resources a step further and get products into schools so girls will have easier access.