AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– This week is National Nurses Week, and nurses in the CSRA have found a unique way to recognize each other’s hard work after a difficult year.

They’re calling it “Flock-a-nurse,” and nominating fellow nurses to have their yards decorated with flamingos, in recognition of strength and hard work through the pandemic.

“After such a tough year, we though it would be a fun way to boost morale, and give nurses a little bit of love and a shout out for all the hard work that they’ve done after the last year,” nurse manager in AU’s Paranesthesia Department, Andrea Putzier said.

Diana Mintz is one of the nurses who was “flocked” this week.

“It’s just a fun little thing for us to try and write each other a sweet note and remind each other that we’re all in this together,” Mintz said.

And since the recognitions began Wednesday, it has already grown to five separate flamingo fleets moving across town.

“So far I think we have about 20 or 25 people on the list,” Putzier said. “As you know, every time we move the flock we have another person that wants to pay it forward and recognize one of their coworkers.”

Putzier says it’s important to make this year’s Nurses Week celebration special, because this time in 2020, she says she was at the beginning of what would be the most grueling year in her 15 years in healthcare.

“The last year has just been so tough,” Putzier said. “I think we wouldn’t have come out on the other side of COVID, and we’re hopeful that our numbers stay down, but we would have never made it this far if we didn’t work together as a team.”

This time, she says the weeks feels entirely different– and filled with hope.

“It’s just really hopeful that people will get vaccinated, and that our numbers will stay down, and that our colleagues will heal,” Putzier said.

And it’s also filled with flamingos.

“We’re trying to celebrate a little bit! Socially distanced celebrating, with our flocks,” Mintz said.

The flamingos aren’t just a way to celebrate National Nurses Week, they also help the future of nursing, because each nomination comes with a $20 donation to their nursing education fund.