AIKEN COUNTY/AUGUSTA (WJBF) – Support 1 is a Non-Profit Organization with a specific focus on supporting Emergency First Responders involved in critical incidents. (learn more about Support 1)

The group was honored to have been asked to partner with the Southern States Police Benevolence Foundation for the 2020 Sergeant Greg Meagher Memorial 52-Gun Raffle.

Sergeant Meagher died after being exposed to liquid nitrogen while attempting to rescue a woman at a medical facility in Augusta, GA in February of 2017. He and several other deputies responded to the facility and were told that a woman was unconscious inside. The deputies entered the facility to rescue the woman and were overcome by the fumes. Fire department personnel arrived on the scene and were able to remove Sergeant Meagher and the employee. They were both transported to Augusta University Hospital where Sergeant Meagher passed away.

Sergeant Meagher had served with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office for 33 years. Earlier in his career in 2004, Sergeant Meagher was shot in the line of duty while assigned to a federal narcotics task force. Sergeant Meagher attended the Post Critical Incident Seminar (PCIS) later in his career, where he and his family saw great benefits from the services offered.

Sergeant Meagher’s family was approached about the idea of doing this gun raffle in an effort to support the services offered through the PCIS events held in Georgia and were honored to allow their hero’s name to be lifted up while supporting this great cause. The 2020 Raffle will be the fourth year of the fundraising event, and the partnership with Support 1 will allow Sergeant Meagher’s Gun Raffle to extend these additional resources for the PCIS and STLS seminars across all of South Carolina and Georgia.

To purchase your ticket(s) for the Sergeant Greg Meagher Memorial 52-Gun Raffle, contact one of the volunteers OR you may purchase them online at Sergeant Meagher’s Gun Raffle.

Tickets are limited to 1000 tickets, and each ticket is eligible for all 52 guns – no matter how many times you win.

Also, Support 1 added a bonus for 2020. Local businesses are sponsoring a gift certificate for free laser engraving to the winner on the first Wednesday of each month – in additional to the gun!