Local man speaks about his experience after returning from China due to COVID-19

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AUGUSTA,Ga. (WJBF) – 443 that’s how many people are under investigation in the U.S. for the corona-virus. The CDC marks 81 of those cases as pending.

NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Flete spoke to one local man who might fall in that number.

JaVeon Brigham worked in China for almost two years before the corona-virus shortened his trip.

“I’ve heard about some cases of people passing away and I think …death… that topic in itself is something that’s a taboo. I took it seriously. I had a gut feeling and wanted to leave but I didn’t want to leave without any information. Other family members were like you should come home. Come back to America and if it blows over than you can go back to China. And I agreed”

Brigham shares what it was like to come back home.

“The additional requirements were to take our temperature. Everyone was wearing a mask. The CDC said it wasn’t required for us to wear masks unless you were sick, but the Chinese government had a different mandate that people were following.”

He says some of his worry grew once they got off the plane.

“Everybody that got off the plane in Los Angeles, I’m pretty sure got the same advice. ‘Take your temperature for 14 days.’ We thought we were going to get quarantined.”

Brigham says he is on his ninth day of having to monitor his temperature. He was told if he noticed any changes to report them to the CDC.

To further understand the virus, I spoke to Dr. Jose Vazquez, an infectious disease specialist at the Medical College of Georgia.

“This one apparently has been associated with bats and snakes. They’ve jumped from animals into humans. These are unique because they attack the lower respiratory track. Instead of most viruses where they attack the upper respiratory track.”

Brigham says it’s also up to you to do your research and educate yourself about what’s going on around you.

“As much as I’ve read about it. I would just say not to give into the fear of what the coronavirus represents because the fear has spread much farther and faster than the coronavirus, itself.”

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