Local group advocating for Black Lives Matter switches gears

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Augusta, Ga (WJBF)- Leaders of Bringing Lives And Communities Closer, or BLACC for short, say that demonstrations are not the only way to seek Social Justice.

BLACC started out as Black Lives Matter CSRA but after a few weeks, founder Jamie Tutson found that the group was morphing into something else.

Jamie Tutson is the founder of BLACC. She says that while they still fully support the BLM movement, she felt that the group could do more.

“We found that we can’t have a huge impact on Black Lives Matter if we don’t first impact the community. So that’s why we changed the name, so we could encompass more of what our actual goal was,” explained Tutson.

Tutson said that growing up in Augusta she saw the need of the homeless and wanted to do something to help.

“One of my leaders told me…we don’t know if it was Richmond County police, we don’t know who did it, but while they were at work, someone went and threw all their belongings away. Their tents..and a lot of these individuals, they were actually at work. They’re good people who are trying to get on their feet, they’re just down on their luck right now,” she said.

The organization works not only to feed and clothe the homeless, but to register people to vote, do yard work for the elderly and disabled and even build wheelchair ramps for those in need.

“We’re working on a financial literacy program because that’s something the black community is lacking. I can personally say that I was never taught how to manage money growing up and I am learning that the hard way,” Tutson added.

Commissioner-elect Jordan Johnson joined the group Sunday afternoon to put together care packages for the homeless and sort through donations. He says that if people want to see change in the CSRA, then they need to stop talking and take action.

“Well, voting is your power. Voting is your voice. You want to see homelessness eradicated, you need to vote. You want to see your neighborhoods beautified, you have to vote for someone who is talking about beautifying your neighborhoods,” said Johnson.

NewsChannel 6 reached out to Save the Monument in Augusta, a group who opposes the Black Lives Matter movement and its requests to remove confederate monuments for comment. We did not hear back.

Tutson said that they still plan to protest to keep their issues in the forefront, but that their behind the scenes movement is even more important.

“You know we just want to have a positive impact on the community in total,” Tutson said.

For more information on BLACC’s future events, just visit its Facebook Group.

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