Local chef competes on Foodnetwork’s “Chopped Sweets,” Edgar’s Grille hosts watch party

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Chef Kelsey Burack is her name and baking is her game.

The Executive Pastry Chef from Edgar’s Grille put herself on the chopping block.

She competed on Food Network’s premiere season of “Chopped Sweets,” and it airs tonight.

“It’s the first show dedicated to pastry chefs. True pastry chefs in the industry, and I thought that that would be a really good opportunity to showcase my talent,” says Burack.

It’s a talent that she took a crack at way before “Chopped Sweets” gave her a call.

“I actually decided I was going to be a pastry chef at 12. I was burned when I was in the 6th grade,” says Burack.

While getting treated at the burn center, she noticed the lack of toys in the clinic’s playroom.

“I was just really touched by them not having anything to do while they were recovering, so I decided, I was like ‘you know what mom and dad I’m going to do some bake sales. Let me see how I can help them get some toys,'” says the Chef.

Her passion for patsteries was the icing on the cake to help others face adversity. This is something that also helped her compete when the odds were against her.

“This is a 6 foot. We had half of that space. We had to share with another competitor,” she explained the situation.

NewsChannel 6’s Jenna Kelley, asked, “you think they almost set you up to fail?”

“They definitely made it hard…” she responded.

Kelley watched the pastry chef bake banana bread at Edgar’s Grille, a restaurant named after the founder of Goodwill Industries.

“Not many people know what the Goodwill story is and what our mission is, and I was so proud to go onto Food Network and show the culinary world,” says Chef Kelsey.

Her eyes were on the prize and her heart glazed over her treats.

“Face your fears, put your best foot forward and everything you worked for and all the effort you put in, you will eventually get out,” says Burack.

And hopefully not get chopped…

“Memorizing recipes was very helpful,” she says.

If you would like to meet Chef Kelsey and support her, Edgars Grille is hosting a public watch party tonight with a cocktail hour and desserts she made from the show. There will also be a raffle. The event starts at 9 PM. You can watch the show with her at 10.

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