Locals in South Augusta gathered Sunday for their own kind of celebration.

“The event is called Let’s Spark Empowerment, you know, everyone [does] something different for the Fourth of July, so I wanted to do something different for us– our culture– and just building it together,” event organizer Martika Jackson said.

A number of local businesses attended the “Let’s Spark Empowerment” event.

“Just coming together, entrepreneurs trying to support each other. Support the neigh– the, the city. Hoping the city comes out and supports us,” owner of 2woScoops Shaylon Mobley said.

Martika Jackson, says it’s an event she puts together monthly. 

“We’re working on our non-profit organization called Shea Butter Empowerment because we do a lot of community outreach events.”

The process of organizing the event, Shaylon Mobley says, was something that stood out. 

“Just a lot of black-owned businesses coming together, supporting each other. We’ve been in a group chat together, and we’ve been just supporting each other all throughout the group chat up until this day,” Mobley said.

Black Smoke food truck was there and children were able to enjoy the bounce house.

It’s something Jackson says is geared towards bringing the community together for the greater good. 

“Like when we come together, we come together. So as far as supporting and being there for each other and being that close-knit type of city, we support when we support,” Mobley said.