AUGUSTA,Ga. (WJBF) –“It’s possible you may have seen one of these at your local church. What is it? It’s called blessing box. Some organizations got together in hopes that this small gesture would have a big impact on the lives of those who need it. It cost about $500 to make one of these blessing boxes, but those involved say the meaning of it is priceless.”

“Anybody can come and serve themselves and take whatever they need. Anybody that has something extra can bring it and leave it in the box,” says Donatella Key, Vice President of SOUTHEAST Residential.

Builders and business members of the Augusta Builder Association took on the project to give back to the community by building custom “Blessing Boxes”. The sales and marketing council found four churches that were happy to be the recipient of the boxes. The builders and businesses that made the boxes are responsible to keep them filled with goods. Anyone can contribute to keep these boxes stocked throughout the year.

“This is an out reach program because there still are people in the community that are struggling various ways,” says Ron Lewis, President of the Builders Association.

There are blessing boxes in both Richmond and Columbia county. you can find one at Mercy Ministries, Shiloh united Methodist Church in Appling and Lewis Memorial United Methodist Church.
But those who are apart of this project just ask for one thing.

“If you see a box, if you got something extra to put in it, know that you’re paying it forward and your helping somebody else out,” says Barbara Dubois.

The Blessing Boxes are installed at the following locations:

1. Arrow Extermination -has installed a Blessing box at Lewis Memorial United Methodist Church (corner of Hereford Farm Rd & Columbia )5555 Hereford Farm, Evans

2. Beasley Residential – has installed a Blessing box at Grovetown United Methodists Church 206 Robinson Ave., Grovetown, GA 30813

3. Herbert Homes – has installed a Blessing box at Shiloh United Methodist Church in Appling at 5970 Cobbham Rd

4. Ivey Residential – has installed a Blessing box at Mercy Ministries 644 Crawford Avenue Augusta