BEECH ISLAND, SC – (WJBF) A day that started off normal for Tabatha Barton and her family ended in a nightmare.

“She was inside her home where she thought she was safe from the thunderstorm and she wasn’t.” said Barton.

Barton tells WJBF a 911 call from her son-in-law was how she found out about the strike.

“So i looked at my husband and I said something is wrong and I’m not sure what so I tried to call my daughter I got her on the phone, but couldn’t understand a word she was saying she was screaming hysterically She was trying to talk but couldn’t get the word out.”

Barton says her daughter Macy had been struck by lightning after she went  in the kitchen and turned on the light switch .

“Lightning a big jolt struck and travel through the light switch into her arm which then you know went through her body.” Said Barton.

Macy was transported to a local hospital were she stayed overnight.  She is now at home—continuing to recover.

Barton says Macy is currently in nursing school and hopes to become a doctor.

Now she’s unable to speak and is severely burned, she says the recovery process has been hectic and they have a long way to go. 

“Right now that’s all we know that is wrong but like they said the onset of other symptoms can happen now or they could happen later down the road; so we’re just trying to keep an eye out on her.” Said Barton

Barton also says though the road ahead is uncertain they are sure of one thing- the are prepared to help Macy through the healing process no matter how long it takes.

“We don’t know what the future holds with her medical condition if we’re gonna have to go and seek more neurologist store you know things like that we don’t know where we’re at with that so I talk to her and told her if people wanted to donate they would if they didn’t I didn’t have to” Said Barton.

Barton says Macy has a long recovery ahead but they are hopeful she will pull through.