ATLANTA (WSAV) — New laws like the Inflation Reduction Act and Solar Energy Manufacturing For America Act will help tackle the climate change crisis and help bring tax credits to Georgia families.

Sen. Jon Ossoff (D-Ga.) said solar energy will create more jobs in Georgia and help families lower utility bills.

“This is about good-paying American jobs that will be created in the production of these solar products,” Ossoff said.

Ossoff said it will provide 30% tax credits to people who install solar panels.

“Georgia is proud to host the largest solar panel manufacturing in the hemisphere,” Ossoff said. “This is going to boost our domestic manufacturing of solar panels and solar technology. It is a national security issue and American energy independence.”

“Clean energy means solar, wind,  electricity that is generated by solar and wind projects and electric cars instead of fossil fuel cars,” Ray Hill, Emory University Economics professor said.

The law would provide tax credits and discounts for those who bought electric vehicles. 

Georgia’s 41,000 farms will be eligible for energy tax credits for climate-smart agricultural practices.

“As demand for these products skyrocket, we want to make sure they are produced here in GA and USA as it is an energy independence issue,” Ossoff said.

The new law would provide rebates for Georgians for energy-efficient appliances and upgrade affordable housing units with floodproofing and storm resistance. Georgia has 75,000 workers in clean energy jobs and 400,000 manufacturing jobs and the new inflation reduction law will invest $180 million in clean power generation by 2030 to the Peach State.