Last-minute Thanksgiving shopping in Aiken

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AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) — Many people in Aiken are making their list and checking it twice ahead of Thanksgiving. Hundreds of people visited the local Walmart to pick up last-minute items.

“The shelves were they were pretty well stocked, so I was satisfied with the selection,” shopper Erria Daniels told NewsChannel 6’s Aiken Bureau Chief Shawn Cabbagestalk about the store.

Cars, cars, and more cars in Walmart’s parking lot. It’s crunch time for preparing a Thanksgiving meal for Thursday, November 25. Hundreds of people were inside looking for last-minute items. “Well I’ve already bought the turkey and ham. I’m buying a lot of the fixings that I hadn’t already bought,” shopper Terri Young.

In addition to the turkey, other grocery list items include cakes, pies, and a little bit of everything else. “Bread and things to bake with and some cheese sour cream, little odds and ends that I, I forgot during the week,” shopper Kelly Ballen added. Some items, shoppers couldn’t find. “Except for a heavy whipping cream, there is none of that,” she recalled. “I found what I needed except red food color. And so I got purple and turquoise,” shopper Terri Young added. “We had to like take an extra like 10, 30 minutes to find the things we actually needed because there they, they were all around in different spots and they, they were supposed to be, and there’s very little, like we got some pie crust and there’s only two left,” shopper Alaynna Swartz shared.

The cost runs the gamut for the folks we spoke with. “I spent $80,” shopper Frnzes Zorn said. “Probably around $75, but we like our sweets,” shopper Melanie sanders said laughing. “We like our sweets a lot,” she added. “Lord mercy, I wouldn’t have no idea. I really wouldn’t,” shopper Sharon Berrie said. Shawn asked, “maybe in the hundreds, maybe thousands?” “Oh no, it’s not that high. I would say about $300 altogether together. Everything you buy and all that. Cause prices went up,” Berrie added.

Meanwhile, for Daniels, a simple mistake made her have to come out to shop. “I had to go out and get a ham today because I forgot to thaw out my ham,” she said laughing. “I’m gonna get started on that today,” she added.

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