Augusta, GA (WJBF)- Augusta Transit is testing another electric bus company this week, and today is the last day the public can try it out for free.

The company demonstrating its bus this week is GILLIG. They have electric buses in more than 50 cities nationwide.

The buses are powered by rechargeable battery and are zero emission– meaning they lower the carbon foot print. They are much quieter than a diesel bus too– reducing noise pollution.

Augusta Transit said that not only will the city save on fuel costs, but maintenance cost are lower too. The buses have less parts and don’t require maintenance nearly as often.

“You don’t have to put your foot on the brake because when you release your foot off the accelerator the bus slows down and regenerates energy. So we are using considerably less fuel to operate our routes. And that will be a savings for Augusta Transit and a considerable savings for the city of Augusta,” Explained Dr. Oliver Page, Deputy Director at Augusta Transit.

Dr. Page said the drivers like driving the electric buses better and that they are getting positive feedback from riders who like the quieter buses.

He told NewsChannel 6 that riders can expect a different riding experience, but not a different fare.

“We have a fare of $1.25. The fares will remain the same. We do not intend to increase fares because we are upgrading our fleet.”

This is all a part of Augusta’s effort to land federal grants to add no emission vehicles to the Transit Department.

Dr. Page said the next step is to continue research, then present to the Augusta Commission. Once approved, they will fill out the application for the grant.

The bus will run on Route 5- Washington Road today from 6:33 am to 2:30 pm.