Kemp in Augusta to promote safety ahead of Labor Day weekend

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Augusta, GA (WJBF)- Augusta was the first family’s last stop on their fly-around tour of the state. Governor Kemp is urging Georgians to be vigilant and follow safety guidelines over the holiday weekend.

The Kemps, joined by StateSenator Jesse Stone and State Representative Jodi Lott, were on the tour at Daniel Field to promote the Governor’s “Four Things For Fall” COVID-19 prevention measures ahead of Labor Day weekend.

Those include washing your hands, wearing your mask, social distancing and listening to your state leaders.

“People unfortunately forget sometimes that we are battling an invisible enemy, and unfortunately many times over holiday weekends people have let their guard down. I will say that we have come to far and sacrificed too much to turn back now,” said Kemp.

The Governor says the last two summer holidays saw a spike in cases after the holiday. He says the numbers of cases and deaths have decreased in Georgia in recent weeks and he hopes to avoid that increase this time.

“We’ll be out in force, whether it’s the state patrol, DNR, and other folks. We’ll be on the roads and the highways, we’ll be on the lakes and on the beaches and in the state parks to make sure that folks are adhering to the guidelines,” Kemp warned.

Kemp also says he understands people are ready for a return to normal life.

“I know full well that Georgians are tired and ready to move on. But we can’t do that just yet. We’ve got to hunker down and keep chopping to move these numbers in the right direction, so that we can continue to keep people safe and reopen our economy,” said Kemp.

The pandemic continues and flu season is coming up. One concern the governor said he has is hospitals being over run because of both viruses.

“I think a couple of the concerns that I’ve talked to Dr. Toomey about as well as the hospital CEO’s is what’s going to happen in flu season. So I think there’s going to be a big push to get the people to get the Flu vaccine,” Kemp said.

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