KAMO contributes $10k to YMCA’s endowment fund

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – KAMO Manufacturing will present $10,000 to the Greater Augusta YMCA. They partnered together at the start of the pandemic for cleaning supplies.

The check is part of an endowment fund to keep the 11 YMCA facilities in our area up and running.

YMCA President and CEO Danny McConnell says, community partners are the most important relationships right now.

KAMO sent a statement saying they’re proud to serve local families that use these facilities and help provide the tools to keep it clean.

Times are tough during COVID-19 and the YMCA is thankful for any and all the help they can get.

“we are in survival mode. I mean every agency I’m sure throughout the CSRA are very much trying to get back to what our new normal will be for us,” says McConnell, “and every dime that is thrown our way right now helps us to get to a point where we can get back to normal.”

The Greater Augusta YMCA’s were one of the first to open back up in country.
Facilities open in five phases. The fifth phase is opening the doors which is expected next week.

Since they’ve reopened doors, the President and CEO of the YMCA says they’ve seen a gradual member increase.

“We’re about 50% of normal activity. It started back in May around 20%, so every week you can see it’s kind of crept north, but we’re still about half of what we normally see inside our YMCA’s,” says McConnell.

The check will be given at the board meeting at noon at the YMCA headquarters.

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