Just starting but commissioners critical of SPLOST VII process

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Augusta,Ga (WJBF) City leaders are scheduled to gather here tomorrow to continue the process of weeding down the SPLOST wish list, with a request to the city bean counters to come up with a number that’s far more manageable.

Augusta Commissioner with some number crunching to do,. looking at approving 250 million dollars in SPLOST projects, projects the public may or may not support in November.

“What I’m hearing is the community is not going to support something that’s not going to be beneficial to everybody, not just to some people but everybody,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

The wish list seems to have something for everybody, a nearly 900 million dollars in proposals

The sheer size didn’t sit well with commissioners who directed the administrator to prioritize the wish list

“Something needs to be a priority there because good lord looking at the SPLOST wish list it’s insane, absolutely insane, and I’ll go on record saying I’m not going to put this package on the voters,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

Other commissioners also putting out warnings about supporting the SPLOST

“If we don’t do something I’m going to be an advocate of not passing this SPLOST because we’re not going to be inclusive,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Williams says he likes the idea of the James Brown Conference Center, but that’s requesting 50 million dollars from the next phase of the sales tax.

“I’m really disappointed where our SPLOST list currently sits you know but it is a work in progress by no means is the SPLOST list final,” said Brandon Garrett.

City Administrators can make recommendations on what projects should be on the SPLOST list but the final decision will be that of the commission a decision that’s expected to be made in July,In Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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