Jeep Watch 2019 over as vehicle is moved from beach

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(CNN) – It’s official, Jeep watch 2019 is over.

The red Jeep found abandoned on a South Carolina beach in the middle of hurricane Dorian captivated both locals and internet users.

Who in the world drove a Jeep on the beach during a storm?

Why was it abandoned?

People posted wacky videos mocking the Jeep on social media and one man even serenaded it with a bag-pipe rendition of “Amazing Grace.”

A man claiming to own the vehicle says he actually loaned it to his cousin who took it out to take a picture of the sunrise before the storm.

He got stuck and had no choice but to leave the Jeep behind.

It had to ride the storm out stuck in the sand, with water lapping onto it, because conditions were too dangerous for anyone to retrieve it.

Finally, some heavy construction equipment was used to haul away the weathered Jeep Friday morning.

The owner does not want to be identified. Can you blame him?

Also no word on if his insurance company will be understanding and cover the damage.

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