AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – The Hub for Community Innovation is getting ready to open it’s doors to the community.

It’s two buildings, with the first being a multi resource center for 4 non-profits, including Augusta Locally Grown, Augusta University Literacy Center, Harrisburg Family Health Care, and Rise Augusta.

With all the non profits working in the same area, it will be easier for them to collaborate together and better serve the community.

To celebrate the grand opening they’re holding a two day event, with a ribbon cutting and tours happening on June 24th from 10 am to 11 am, and a community celebration on June 25th from 10 am to 1 pm.

If that wasn’t enough the folks at the Hub had one more announcement to make.

“We are really excited to make sure that the residents of Laney Walker and Harrisburg both can enjoy this two day event. We’re so passionate about our mission of what were doing that we’re having a two day event. On Saturday we want to ensure that our residents in Laney Walker have an opportunity to enjoy the community celebration and so we have a arranged through the Boys and Girls Club to actually go in to the Laney Walker Community and pick people up. So we have designated areas in Laney Walker that if you can make it to those areas, including Peabody, Bon Air, then we will pick you up from that location with a shuttle service that will be provided throughout the three hours that we’re having the community celebration,” said Director for Hub West, Felina Martin.

The Saturday celebration will have lots to do including bouncy houses, a DJ, information sessions, and more.

The Hub wants to make sure that everyone in the surrounding area has a chance to come out to the event.

“Laney Walker and Harrisburg, those are our neighbors that we are open to serve and so what better way to actually show them how much we mean by that, then to pick them up so that they are embraced and are a part of the celebration,” said Martin.

The shuttle service available on June 25th for the community celebration event.

The Hub Grand opening shuttle schedule is as follows.

Pickup/Drop off locations:
Irvin Tower
Peabody Apartments
Bon Aires Apartments (Walton Way)
Hal Powell

Pickup/Drop Off Times:
9:30 am pickup
10:30 am pickup/drop off
11:30 am pickup/drop off
1 pm drop off

For more info CLICK HERE.