AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — Nationwide the number of homes for sale is about 400,000 — the lowest in recent history. Realtors are seeing the same trend in Augusta and other parts of the CSRA.

“So, December of 2019 we had about 2,200 homes on the market actively listed. Today we have about just over 1,000 homes which means we are down over 50% inventory which is an all time low that I’ve ever seen,” VP of Meybohm Real Estate Kathyrn Stone said.

With average sale prices up 20% from last year, it’s good news for potential sellers. However, that increase in pricing isn’t pushing people to make the move and put their home up for sale.

” The inventory is so low one of the biggest fears for homeowners is where am I going to move to?” CEO of JP and Associates Real Estate Mark Johnson said.

Johnson said that fear could be contributing to the low number of homes on the market. Its also a trend that’s causing the price of homes to rise.

” It’s driving prices up nearly 10%,” Johnson said.

Some real estate agents said the housing supply could remain low as a surge in COVID cases discourages sellers from entering the market.