SWAINSBORO, G.A. (WJBF) – People in Emmanuel County are still recovering from heavy storms Tuesday night. That severe weather knocked out power lines, leaving more than 2,000 storm victims without power.
It caused extensive damage to homes and other buildings.

“Well I just came back from getting an excellent pathology diagnosis. I’m all clear of cancer. Then I come home and see this,” said Wilder Smith, a homeowner in Swainsboro.

Wilder Smith has been living in this house since 1975 and because of this storm damage, he now has to leave and go live with a relative.

“This tree over here fell on my house and pretty much destroyed the back second floor. Tree limbs went into the house. So, they’re trying to get the tree off the house so we can tarp it,” said Smith.

Smith just had surgery two weeks ago. He says people from the city and around the area have been coming to help him clean up this debris, but he says he has no idea how long it might take to repair his home– and he wasn’t the only homeowner. Just around the corner, Chris Waters is still waiting for city workers to get this tree off of his home. He says he was there when the storm hit.

“Heard the sirens, so I pulled up the NewsChannel and heard it was going to be about 60 mph winds with possible hale. So, I warned my friends and by the time i warned them I heard the wind pick up and to almost a freight train whistle which I know is a tornado. I grabbed my dog ran for cover and it lasted maybe 10 seconds.” said Waters.

And when he stepped outside he saw this.

“One of our cars was hit at least six trees probably were down and power lines was down,” he said.

And that’s the condition of most of the roads here in Swainsboro. Oak trees still blocking several streets, but officials say they’re working to clean it up as fast as they can.

One of the store owners from the DreamMaker Center is looking for help to replace some of the things in her store. Her family members have put together a GoFundMe.