Augusta, GA (WJBF) – Unemployment has been a big problem during the pandemic, but there’s one industry working to hire people fast. Companies that run home care and hospice facilities are struggling to get folks hired. It’s simply that more people are choosing to receive care from their home, rather than at a facility full of people.

“We’re looking at an estimated 40,000 patients coming into home care on a monthly basis who are infected with COVID,” said Bill Dombi, President of National Association for Home Care and Hospice. “And then we have 12 million people who are receiving care otherwise. So, this is a very huge undertaking to deliver all of these services.”

As the demand goes up, companies like Home Instead in Augusta, are looking to hire quickly.
One worker with Home Instead in Augusta says she sees firsthand the advantages for those who choose to receive care at home.

“They’re still taking it hard, because it’s a limit physically, but it’s definitely, like I said, a greater advantage because of the virtual communication that they can have with their family members,” said Shakema Baskerville, care giver for Home Instead.

“We have an immediate need for 30 caregivers. That need will grow as the population continues to age particularly baby boomers,” said Mark Barlow, Owner of Home Instead in Augusta.

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