GTI training helping marines prepare to respond to nuclear and chemical threats

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BARNWELL, SC (WJBF) — Inside the Government Training Institute or GTI, training director Scott Usry said marines are learning how to handle nuclear and chemical threats.

” What students are being taught here today is how to respond to an incident, how to handle that incident and how to protect themselves while responding to that incident,” Usry said.

While it was just a training exercise they are preparing for real life scenarios that are especially important in the CSRA.

” With both the Savannah River Site and the Vogtle power producing site there’s actually product in the CSRA that if allowed to get off those sites would potentially be a hazard to the entire community as a whole,” Usry said.

Their training ranges from handling radioactive explosive devices to more common threats like chemicals from smoke detectors and medical waste.

” When you start looking at this its not just necessarily a incident where people would break into a nuclear power plant or something like that where the risk would be very minimal, but its things like medical waste and smoke detectors and things like that. In great enough quantities people could gather that up which would be a detriment to the neighborhood and everybody living around it,” Usry said.

QalTek radiological training manager Casey Smith said the goal of the exercise is to make sure the marines can keep themselves and the community safe.

” We’re just trying to make sure that they’re ready anything that happens because when they get called you never know what its going to be for,” Smith said.

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