AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – The Greenbrier golf teams are making history. For the first time, both the boys’ and girls’ teams will be heading to the state championship that starts on Monday.

The boys team went to state last year and did not perform the way they wanted to, so this year is about redemption for them. For the girls, however, it means something entirely different. In the past the girls have sent individual golfers to state but have never made it as a team, so this is an opportunity for them to be a part of history.

When I spoke to head coach Casey Heckathorn and some of his golfers, they talked about capitalizing on this opportunity and what it means to them for both teams to be able to do it together. “We have strong relationships with all 19 kids,” says Coach Heckathorn, “hopefully we [the coaches] will be what they need.”

The ability to stay focused has helped them in the past as they set a school record for win margin in 2023 and are now headed to state. “I think we take everything serious but we’re also a lighthearted team,” says senior girls golfer Anna Wicklum. Both teams have been putting a focus on working together, and that attribute a lot of their success to that mindset. “I think the most important thing is going shot by shot,” says boys’ senior golfer Gherig Massey, “really make sure you’re playing for the team, not just yourself.”

Both teams will tee off on Monday for a shot at a state title. The girls will play at Fields Fairy Country Club in Calhoun, GA and the boys will play at Cartersville.