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AIKEN, SC (WJBF) Trina Terlizzi is an outstanding math teacher. An accomplishment that’s extra impressive because it hasn’t always been her favorite subject.

“I’ve not always been good at Math,” Terlizzie says. “Originally I thought I’d be a third grade teacher. I did a practicum during college in third grade, and decided I really didn’t want to do 3rd grade anymore. Doing practicums, I realized I really liked middle school. Having to focus on a particular subject, Math just really at my heart and I’ve grown since then to love Math.”

And now she shares that love with her students. She says she’s enthusiastic about this subject.

“I think that helps because when the kids come into my classroom, they see my enthusiasm and my love for it. And I think that that just opens them up to think, well hey maybe I can do this. And then I try my best to make it as easy as possible. I try to break it down so they can understand it.”

They understand it and they buy into it. Mrs. Terlizzi reminds them that the skills they learn in her classroom will prove very useful in their everyday lives.

“Lots of kids are going straight into the workforce. And they’re doing things like welding, or finances, or anything like that, they’re using math all the time. And not to mention to get through college. We have computers that do a lot of the math but still, I use math all the time when I’m in the grocery store, and I’m trying to figure out how much this shirt is that’s 40-percent off. “

There’s no clocking in and clocking out for this teacher. Mrs. Terlizzi will spend as much time as it takes before or after school to help her students get it.

“Not all children are the same,” she says. “And some need extra time.. Some need some one on one, to sit next to them, to explain in a different way. We teach whole class, but not everybody learns the same.”
Trina Terlizzi says she loves those “a-ha moments” when kids really grasp a concept. And it’s all thanks to a teacher who has dedicated her entire career to having an impact on generations.
“I taught the teacher two doors down from me. And to see that she is now a teacher, and an awesome person, that’s most rewarding.”

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