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These students are getting fitted for their uniforms so they’ll be fit to go take care of patients all over town.
“We have contracts with AU, University Hospital, the health department, Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home, Mullins Lab,” says teacher Tomeka Few.

They’re on the Dental Science Pathway at A.R. Johnson.

“We practice with manequins first, and practice on each other. Then they go out in the clinical field and work on real people.”
That’s the kind of hands-on training you’d never get from a textbook. When they leave A.R. Johnson, they are way ahead of the game.
“Several of them will have multiple certifications that our adults are going to get, but they get them in their junior and senior year. So they’ll be certified health care professionals. They will go to college, because I make them. They’ll go to college and further that. The certifications are just a stepping stone so they can get to where they wan to go.”
Students say Mrs. Few is more like a mom than a teacher.
“I treat children how I want people to treat my children. I’m here because I want to be impactful. I want to make a difference. I do that by showing them love. Sometimes it’s tough love, but that’s what moms do. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t do it.”
She also realizes that one day, these future health care workers could have her health in their hands.
“And that’s why we train them and do the tough love, so that when I’m on the bed or my daughter, my husband, my family member, I can take confidence in knowing that we’ve trained these students. They started with us.”
Thank you for answering the call, Tomeka Few. Because of you, our future, and our health, is in great hands.

“I was supposed to do this for one year,” she says. “I’m a dental hygenist. I was supposed to teach for one year back in 2009. And I’m just starting my 11th year. So, yeah, I think I made the right choice. It’s definitely a God-lead choice.”

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