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No offense to the other classes here at Blakeney Elementary School, but this has to be the most fun place on campus.
Physical Education teacher Nick Harville wouldn’t have it any other way.
“P.E. is controlled chaos,” Harville says.
Make no mistake, though. They are learning a lot in this high-energy environment.
An environment that makes Partner Touchdown so much more than just a little friendly competition.
“What this game is teaching is how to catch. How to throw. And really, important teamwork. These kids need to learn how to get along with others, how to solve problems that they might have going on in the game, and that carries over into the classroom and life.”
Coach Harville’s path to this place started early in life.
“I loved sports growing up. I played all kinds of sports that you can name. I wanted to give my love to these kids, and let them see how fun sports can be.”
And when they’re not burning energy in the gym, they’re learning the right habits for a better life.
“I think we all kind of need to be reminded how important eating healthy is. Drink water. Eat the right way. And they respond. We did a thing where they had to wear bracelets. And every fruit they ate, they got to move the bracelet to the other arm, and to help remind them throughout the day, hey I need to eat more vegetables, more fruits. All those things kind of help them in their healthy journey.”
A journey that led them to Blakeney Elementary school and a coach who really cares.
“Really and truly, I just enjoy affecting these kids’ lives, and at the end of the day watching them grow and develop and become better people,” he says. ” And helping them out. I want to help them out and help them succeed in life. And I think that’s what everybody here wants.”

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