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Ansley Nelson is in this classroom because of a very special role model in her life.

“My mom is an elementary school teacher. She taught 4th and 5th grade her entire career. I’ve always loved being around kids. I used to work at a preschool, daycare. I absolutely love 3rd grade.”
And they love her. They stay focused despite all the distractions in their young lives.
“I have a routine that we keep. And just keep them interested. Give them interesting text, and hands on activities.”
Mrs. Nelson also takes time to give individual help to her kids.
“I just look at who needs extra help and extra time and pull them into small group and try to make things as interesting and hands-on as I possibly can.”
All part of making sure they leave third grade and are ready to tackle what’s next.
“You want them to find their independence and really find what they like about school and what keeps them going. I try to foster that independence and build on that from the beginning of the year, and get them to find what they’re interested in and what they’re passionate about.”
That includes fostering a big interest in reading.
“That’s something that is really important to me this year, finding a balance between Google classroom and independent reading time. My kids get at least 20 minutes of independent reading time a day and they are books they really like.”
And none of it would be possible without the strong support of her family.
They’ve always supported me and helped me and donated things to my classroom. They understand the time that it takes. My husband is very understanding of the time that I make a mess of the living room making grades and organizing their books and making sure they have what they need and what I think is fun to do.”
Congratulations Ansley Nelson. A hard working teacher who knows that she’s helping to shape the future leaders of her community.
“My goal is for them to be successful citizens that are just passionate about learning. So that’s my goal.”

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