AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- After Hurricane Ian ripped through Florida yesterday, nearly 2 million people were left without power.

Linemen from across the country are ready to help in the effort to restore power to those affected by the storm. That includes here in Augusta.

Parts of the CSRA could still see power outages if we get strong winds from the hurricane remnants.

For several days, Georgia Power crews have been on standby, ready to respond to areas that will need it most. Linemen are waiting with supplies in Valdosta, Savannah and here in Augusta to restore power should it go out.

“It was communications between our communications teams, our storm center and our distribution and line crews. And it’s all about preparation. Just being prepared for the unknown. Because with each storm there is an unknown. You don’t know the severity of it, the impacts that it may have, the areas it may hit initially,” said Chad Nation, a spokesperson for Georgia Power.

Crews have to wait until they get the greenlight that it’s safe to go into affected areas to start restoring power.

“With storms, first, safety is always our number one priority. So our line crews and our vegetation crews, they can’t move in until, one, the storm has passed, and all conditions on the ground are safe. So we have to make sure safety is first,” explained Nation.

If you’re a Georgia Power customer, make sure to download the app on Google Play of the App Store or have the outage website handy. If your power goes out when the storm arrives in the CSRA, those tools can keep you updated on when it could be restored.