Georgia labeled as battleground state

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Is the idea that Georgia might actually turn blue one that makes sense this election year?

Many Democratic leaders, including former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, says recent national polls that put Joe Biden in a tie with President Donald Trump signal a “yes.”

“We know Georgia is a battleground state, we know Georgia is poised for victory and we know that because we’ve done the work to educate voters about their options,” said Abrams, the founder of the group Fair Fight.

Abrams says out of the 1.2 million absentee ballots requested, 61% have been from Democrats and that one third (33%) have been requested from African American voters.

“This is huge,” said Abrams. “In 2016, only about 26% of Black voters requested absentee ballots.”

She also told reporters that one out of four Black voters did not vote at all in 2016.

Abrams says their mission is to get people to “vote early, and the best way to vote early for many Americans, particularly many Georgians, is to vote by mail.”

Abrams believes the presidential race is in play because other races are heating up, including both U.S. Senate races. She also says they’re excited that the Biden campaign is making a substantial investment in Georgia.

“With regard to Georgia, we are actually quite excited about the investment we are seeing from the Biden campaign,” Abrams said.

At the same time, the Trump campaign in Georgia says the president’s supporters in the Peach State are enthusiastic and that the state will stay red. They emailed News 3 to say that Trump’s “pro-business and America first” policies remain popular.

They also said if Abrams “knew anything about winning, she would be governor right now and not stumping for Biden.”

However, Abrams told reporters that in 2018, she lost by less than 2% of the vote and that in the past two years, even more democratic voters have been galvanized. She says many of color are especially concerned because of how Trump has handled the COVID-19 crisis (6,822 deaths in Georgia had been reported as of Thursday).

Abrams commented on a planned Friday visit from Trump saying: “he’s certainly not going to add votes to his column by coming here and trying to pander without actually delivering any real results.”


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