AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was in Augusta Thursday checking up on the progress of the Hub for Community Innovation. The 10 million dollar development is coming to the historic Laney Walker and Harrisburg area.

Governor Brian Kemp joined local leaders to discuss the progress of the project at Fat Man’s Cafe Thursday afternoon.

“It really makes you feel good to see so many people from the local level working together to address real problems that we have in communities across the state,” said Governor Brian Kemp.

He says collaboration is the key to bringing this project to life. The Hub is meant to bring more services to the underserved communities of Historic Laney Walker and Harrisburg. 

“The Hub Augusta Collaborative has formed a leadership group to try to cultivate a community where all of its residents thrive,” said Shell Barry, the President, and CEO of the Community Foundation of the C.S.R.A

Barry says the Hub will be made up of two buildings. One will become the headquarters of The Boys and Girls Club and the other will house several nonprofit organizations.

“And the goal behind these two buildings and the five mission-aligned non-profits that are in them is to help reduce barriers and provide access to the historic residents of Laney Walker and Harrisburg.

That includes access to food, healthcare, and education. Right now, the project is still getting into phase 1. The next phase will look at expanding Augusta University’s campus, by creating a research building. They’re also looking to bring a grocery store to the area which could finally put an end to the food desert.

Completion of phase 1 is set for Spring of 2022.