AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJBF) –  There’s now a new way to get on Post at Fort Gordon. Leaders there, along with Representative Rick Allen, cut the ribbon at Gate 6 Friday morning.

“We cannot believe the progress we made and what it truly means for this nation,” said Representative Rick Allen.

Three years ago Representative Allen and leaders at Fort Gordon broke ground on the construction for Gate 6. Friday afternoon, they cut the ribbon on the completed project.

“In order to make a project like this happen, it takes a lot of teamwork,” said Brigade General Paul Stanton.

Brig. Gen. Paul Stanton says this project wouldn’t have been possible without help from the federal, state and local governments.

“Specifically, we had the department of transportation from the state, the U.S. Army corp engineers, the local governments from Columbia County and from Richmond County all contributing to push this project through,” he said.

And they’re calling Gate 6 the answer to traffic problems on the post.

“Having the new gate we anticipate will take about 20 minutes off of people’s commute times, because what we had to do previously is stop and inspect all the vehicles because we didn’t have the specialized inspection lane,” he said.

The new entrance will feature 6 inspection points versus only two at Gate 1.

General Stanton says, “that will greatly reduce the amount of time individuals will have to wait”

That will also stop traffic from backing up along Gordon Highway.  With this new gate comes changes to how you can get around the post, not only for civilians but for soldiers, too.

“So gates 2 and 3 are going to close. Gate 1 will still remain a fully operational gate so it’s going to be open 24/7 gate number 1 as long as you have a valid ID card,” said Anne Boweman, a public affairs officer at Fort Gordon.

Gate 6 is considered the new main gate, which means visitors will enter here.

“Gate 1 in the morning is probably going to be problematic because we’re doing away with the bump out lanes – so there’s going to be less throughput there,” she said.

But Gate 6 isn’t just about adding convenience, but security.

“The visitor control center which is where you go to get visitor access badges and the inspection lane which is where we inspect all the vehicles that come through was actually already inside the fence line of the installation,” said General Stanton.

Representative Rick Allen says other projects are in the works, as well.

“Right now all of our efforts are on interior construction, we’ve got buildings that are outdated. The building life span is typically for 40 years, and we’ve got buildings that are older than that,” said Representative Allen.

Another high-priority project is the I-20 connector which Representative Allen is giving a 4-year timeline from now. Gate 6 is set to open Saturday at 4:45 in the morning.