Four people arrested in South Aiken High School shooting

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AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) -Aiken Public Safety investigators say that the seventeen year old juvenile suspect and Jalen Jones were involved in a fight near the entrance to the South Aiken High School senior parking lot.

“This is the second time they’ve had a shooting over at South Aiken High School.

The first shooting happened two years ago back in January 2017.
Susan pilot owns sugar and spice, one of the stores across the street from the parking lot. She says she’s confused as to why teenagers are grabbing guns anytime a fight happens.

“It’s a high school and they’re kids. It seems like they are shooting all the time. It’s frightening.”

We spoke to another business owner who did not wish to go on camera and he says he has footage from his surveillance cameras that show Markael Forrest carrying a gun, which you can see here a snapshot taken from the video.

“Teenagers think like teenagers. They don’t think like adults and they are not responsible like that. They don’t think beyond the moment into their consequences.”

These business owners are now calling on the city to create more options for lower income families.

What do you think it’s going to take from parents and just everyone in general to kinda stop this gun violence problem?
“I think it’s a city problem to tell you the truth. I think if they had more programs and things for children to do.”

“I’m not saying there is nothing. There are dance classes and there are acting classes but if you don’t have the financial means to participate on those things, you have time on your hands and if you have time on your hands you find things to get into.”

Pilot isn’t the only one who thinks the city can do better. The business owner who provided the video says he thinks law enforcement should have more presence at the school when the bell rings for dismissal.

“A lot of times the kids aren’t put in a position that they have to respect them or respect authority.”

Jalen Jones, Reggie Jones and an unnamed 17-year-old have already been arrested in that incident. They are facing several charges. The three are facing a several charges. Markael Forrest is charged with unlawfully carrying a pistol, carrying a weapon on school property and disturbing schools. He’s in the Aiken County jail.

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