Facebook group connects RV owners with front-line healthcare workers

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Augusta, (WJBF)- During the pandemic, healthcare workers who work with COVID-19 patients have been trying to find a way to stay separated from their families to protect them. Two women from Texas found a solutions.

Emily Phillips and Holly Haggard are the founders of a Facebook group called RV’s 4 MDs. They use the group to connect owners of RVs to front line healthcare workers so that they can self-isolate at home.

Phillips is the mother of three and wife to an ER physician. She says that when she and her husband were trying to find the best way to keep their family safe her mother had an idea.

“And about six weeks ago we were really worried about what he could bring into our house, because we have three small children, an infant and a child with asthma. So my mom actually had the idea. She said why don’t you see if somebody has an RV you can rent?” said Phillips.

Phillips put out a call on Facebook and within five miutes a friend of hers connected her with Haggard who was willing to lend her RV. She says the idea began to snowball immediately.

“Then another doctor’s wife posted in a more critical situation, so I offered the one I got to them. Then I got another offer in five minutes, so I thought, Let’s just make this a thing,” said Phillips.

This was all on March 22nd. Since then, the group has grown to more than 31 thousand members from all over the United States, Canada, Australia and Dubai.

A local family in need was told about Rvs for Mds and they reached out for help. Katy Frazier says that her husband Kyle–an Oral Surgery Resident_– was going to be doing ICU rotations during the month of May. They have 5 children under the age of 8 and were also concerned about bringing the virus home.

“And I went in and I said my husband’s in ICU for the month of May, if anyone can help us out. At first nobody responded, then all of a sudden we had someone offer their apartment in Aiken and then two people offered their RVs,” Frazier told WJBF.

The Fraziers were unable to take advantage of the offers due to space issues, but they say that the offers mean a lot.

“Unfortunately, they were just too big to fit in our little tiny driveway. But we were just surprised and really touched that people would give us their stuff and they don’t even know us,” said Frazier.

The process is easy. Whether you are an RV owner or a healthcare worker, you submit a Google form offering or requesting an RV. Once submitted the forms are reviewed and volunteers help match owners with those in need.

When WJBF asked Phillips how the group blew up so fast, she had this to say:

“I’m telling you, it was a God thing. He just put his hand on our back and said go, and people just showed up.”

RVs 4 MDs is completely volunteer and donor based. No money exchanges hands. If you are interested in lending your RV or are in need of one, just click here.

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