Evacuees start making their way home

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AUGUSTA,Ga. (WJBF)-As hurricane Dorian moves on, shelters are saying goodbye to the small relationships, connections that volunteers built with some folks.

Some of the people you see have called this place home since Monday and with the green light to return to Savannah- they say this has been an experience.

“When you’re in a place like this, you really have to come together and kinda work as one,” says Daniel Gandy who evacuated from Savannah.

Volunteers with the red cross say during the week things got pretty hectic.

“We have sent two people to the emergency room, two people to a physicians office and we even set up a dialysis treatment for a patient,” says Barbara Fiebigerrn, who volunteers as a nurse with the Red Cross.

Providing comfort to those displaced was the main mission.

“We learn every year something to improve our process or some services to improve in order to provide better care and services to our clients,” says Jane Wall, Supervisor with the Red Cross.

Even though some say the hurricane Dorian wrath didn’t do much to their hometown, leaving was still the smart thing to do.

“When they say evacuate I’m gone.”
“Because I done been through some storms, I know what that water will do to you.”

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