Early voting trends in Richmond County and Columbia County

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – We’re only one week away from election day and voters have been showing up to cast their ballot.

Richmond County Board of Elections has been seeing steady traffic since early voting began.

If you remember, on the first day of Early Voting the line was all the way down to the James Brown Arena.

Board of Elections Executive Director, Lynn Bailey, says it’s slowed down since then, but the numbers are still high.

The Board of Elections has an app on their website to show you wait times in real time.

Bailey says there’s a chance Election Day may not be as busy as it normally is.

Executive Director for the Board of Elections, Lynn Bailey, says, “in 2016 we counted, I think, about 5,000 absentee ballots, and we have already received around 20 thousand for this election. So, when I think about all those numbers, to me it means that we are going to have more people voting ahead of time, and less people voting at the polls, I hope.”

Columbia County also has seen a lot of traffic.

At least 40% of voters have already cast their ballot. 2020 could exceed expectations from 2016.

Over 35,000 came to the polls in 2016. In person voting has already reached close to 30,000 this year… and there’s still 4 days left to go.

Columbia County usually reaches about 74%-83% voter turnout. The board thinks they’ll reach those numbers this year.

Daily, they’ve been seeing upwards of 11 hundred to 17 hundred voters at their polling locations.

Executive Director of the Columbia County Board of Elections, Nancy Gay, says, “Well, it hopefully means for a lighter Election Day. You know, you still have your voters that are determined to show up on Election Day, which is really good because this will help the crowd control on that day.”

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd. You will have to vote at your local precinct.

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