Despite costs city workers get extra paid holiday

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Some Augusta leaders think it’s a good thing that on July Fifth city workers have another reason to say thank goodness it’s Friday.

“I support it being in the workforce at one time or another how difficult it is you get back on Friday you celebrate on Thursday and sometime we’re going through a lot of transition in the Government I think it’s a morale booster for the government as well,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

The city holiday on the Fourth of July falls on Thursday next week, so the idea is why not go ahead and make Friday, July Fifth a city holiday for employees as well.

“It’s not freebies, but do we reward our employees for a job well done and city employment doing these things they have to do is not that easy,” says Commissioner Sammie Sias.

“I’m pretty sure people have planned some trips the Fourth, Fifth would give them the family time they need I think we should do it,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams.

But some commissioners say think again, other workers must be on the job, like public safety. getting holiday pay, so there’s a big cost adding an extra day.

“I think they can take a comp day or a vacation day this program would cost us approximately 216 thousand dollars,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

“For 216 thousand dollars this late in the game we got other needs we need to take care of,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom.

“To boost morale in this budget for all these employees do for this government, 216 thousand dollars is a small price to pay,” said Commissioner Hasan.

Two years ago commissioners approved Monday July 3rd off without any discussion about the costs, commissioners knew the costs of 216 thousand Thursday, but voted to make Friday July 5th a city holiday.

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