Deputies respond to growing tensions in law enforcement

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AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — Recently, a capitol police officer died and another committed suicide after the riots in Washington.

Its part of the growing stress on law enforcement officers across the country as they deal with racial tensions, violence and a negative perception from some members of the public.

” It’s a sad feeling to know that the job that you everyday to help people, they feel like you’re not helping them anymore. They don’t feel like they can trust you. They don’t feel like they can turn to you,” Captain Randall Norman

Capt. Randall Norman with the Burke County Sheriff’s Office said they’re actively working to change the community’s perspective by creating positive interactions within the community.

” Our biggest thing is fostering positive relationships between the men and women and children in the communities,” Norman said.

In Richmond County, Lt. Colonel Calvin Chew said policing has been more challenging lately, but they’re also focusing on community relations.

“We’re already breaking down those barriers between the community and us. We’re already in the communities and talking to people and getting more involved. As you can see we haven’t had the issues that other areas have had because we’re already invested in the community,” Chew said.

Capt. Norman said though the actions of some officers may have cast a negative light on law enforcement, there are deputies are still working to make a positive impact on their communities’

” All cops are not bad and we are truly working especially in our community here to make sure that we have those positive relationships with our communities.”

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