AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- Hurricane Ian is making its way toward Florida’s coast in the coming days and the CSRA is expected to see severe weather if the weakened storm rolls through at the end of the week.

We don’t get full force hurricanes, but it doesn’t hurt to be ready for any severe storms from the remnants. As people in Florida prepare for Hurricane Ian, there are some things we in the CSRA can do to prepare as well.

The CSRA sees what is left of hurricanes that hit south of us fairly often and the severity of those storms varies. However, being prepared in case of severe weather is good all year around.

Have an emergency plan and make sure everyone in your home is familiar with it.

Put all of your important documents in one spot in a waterproof container in case you need to leave quickly.

Take inventory of your property and review your insurance policy to make sure you are covered in case your home is damaged.

Take steps to secure your home by removing items that could fly away with strong winds and trim any trees that are close to your home.

“So you know it’s just basic things, but if you have that your life is going to be a lot easier. And just the peace of mind, knowing that you’re prepared in any case. So just make sure all your ducks are in a row as much as you can,” said Susan Landreth-Everitt, Executive Director of the American Red Cross of East Central Georgia.

Everyone should have an emergency kit at home, containing batteries, prescription medication, a 14 day supply of water, and nonperishable food. You’ll also want flashlights or lanterns in case the power goes out.

Make sure anything you need that is rechargeable has been fully charged.

“So people that have emergency kits from two years ago, you need to just check everything in there and make sure it’s all fresh. So certainly you want to update your water, check expiration dates on any food, but maybe most importantly, check to make sure your batteries are still working and get fresh batteries,” said Landreth- Everitt.

It’s also a good idea to have a weather radio to stay updated on the weather reports.

Some items that should be in an emergency preparedness kit.

Augusta is an evacuation location and can likely expect at least some people from the affected areas to seek refuge from the hurricane.

At this time, local Emergency Management agencies are just monitoring the situation and are prepared to accommodate evacuees if necessary. They say it’s too early to initiate an emergency response, but they are working with GEMA and the Red Cross and are ready for whatever comes this way.

Landreth-Everitt said that during crises people always want to help. She explained that Red Cross already has food and plenty of water on stand by and asks that if you want to help to go to the website and make a financial donation.

If you don’t have a weather radio, you can stay updated on the storms by going to the app store or Google Play and searching for Red Cross Emergency Alerts.