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AUGUSTA,Ga. (WJBF)–“They allow you to come here and relax and exercise and do what you would normally do with out any charge,” says David Ward who uses the cooling center.

David Ward has no place to call his own, so the Warren Community center spares him from spending most of his time outside enduring the heat. He says, he comes here often and the reason for that is simple.

“It’s a nice place to come,” says David.

The cooling center on Warren road has a closed in shower for people to use as needed. It also has work out equipment, Stephanie Harden is the director of the center and she says she feels it’s not being used as often as it could be because most people aren’t aware of it’s existence.

“That’s one of our goals. It’s our mission for the city of Augusta Parks and Recreation, that we meet all the needs of the community… Not just recreation but the actually needs,” Stephanie Harden who is the director of the center.

Having a place to beat the heat in is a always a need during the summer time.
Richard Schwartz works for the Medical College of Georgia. He says the combination of heat and humidity can take you down before your body has the chance to warn you.

“We usually cool ourselves by sweating but right now because of the heat we aren’t really able to cool our bodies.”

He says be careful of the types of medicine you take while trying to keep yourself cool because what you think is helping you, could actually contribute to why your body is rejecting that cooling method.

“Some things that people may not think of. Like the cold medicines, if you take those are actually putting you at some risk for heat injuries.”

Harden says protecting and helping people in times like these covers much more than giving them a place to beat the heat and cool off. It’s a saving grace.

“Some of the homeless people don’t have deodorant, toothpaste…just the basic things for hygiene purposes. we go and make sure that all their needs are met.”

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