Concerns in the CSRA about postal service

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The United States Post Office has been having financial and staffing issues for years. Complaints have increased on social media about late, missing and damaged mail.

Social media is where many go to air concerns and one issue lately has been mail. When I reached out to some local Facebook groups for comment, I was overwhelmed by the response.

Late, missing and damaged mail. A common theme around the country…even the CSRA. Some saying it’s been three days since they got mail.

One woman who wanted to remain anonymous, said she gets medication for her autistic child through the mail, and there have been problems.

“And when the package arrived in the mail, the package had been slit open and the medication was gone.”

Another woman said that she too has received damaged packages, but in her case, her purchases were safe. Still, she said she understands.

“They have so many more packages coming through their system because everybody is ordering most of their things online. So a lot of things are getting shipped that normally wouldn’t be getting shipped,” said Lisa Cottrill.

Many are concerned about mail being late because they are waiting for household bills and are worried the checks they mail to pay them also won’t arrive on time.

Business owners are frustrated with the Post Office too, saying their business has suffered.

Amber Savoy is the owner at PWRON Repair.

“I used to be able to guarantee part orders in time for people which is usually three to five business days. And now they’re either losing the parts that I’m ordering or they’re getting stuck in Atlanta is what I see a lot.”

Savoy also says the delays are hurting her bottom line.

“But you may or may not lose that sale. And they may not be able to wait. I’d say about thirty percent of the time they’re not able to wait.”

Another business owner says that she closely tracks the packages she mails. She says she hasn’t had many issues but has noticed a few delays. In most cases it isn’t a big deal, but in some cases, time is of the essence. She says she feels bad for postal workers.

“I’ve been there where people are yelling at the workers at the post office because they’re frustrated. They’ve been in line for so long and there’s only one person,” said Nancy Meza. “But it’s like, I understand because I know these workers are there, some of them are not there, some of them are in the back, but I do see that a lot.”

I reached out to the Post Office and they said they were not able to grant an interview but directed me to official releases, most of which dealt with election mail.

In one, the Post Office said “To put it in context, the Postal Service delivers 433 million pieces of mail a day. Even if all Americans were to vote by mail this year, 330 million ballots over the course of the election would be only three-quarters of what the Postal Service delivers in one single day.”

A reminder to absentee voters to not mail in your absentee ballot. That time has passed and election officials may not receive it in time to be counted.


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