AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — Dr. Justin Moore, an epidemiologist at the Medical College of Georgia said tackling vaccine hesitancy is a community effort.

” Partnerships with trusted organizations such as faith organizations and I’ve been working with local barbershops as well, are really instrumental in meeting people where they are,” Moore said.

The pause on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine has raised some concern and hesitancy about getting vaccinated, but Moore says partnerships with local churches and community leaders will help educate people and increase access for minority communities.

” Working with large community organizations that already have a strong rapport with those populations are a highly effective in breaking down barriers and meeting people where they are,” Moore said.

Its a partnership local pastor Reverend Dr. Charles Goodman is already a part of.

” Its really our aim to make sure that we’re getting these vaccines in arms,” Goodman said.

His church Tabernacle Baptist has been able to vaccinate more than a thousand people in past few weeks.

He said increasing access is an important part of reaching the black community.

” Over the past few weeks we were able to vaccinate over a thousand people and they were like pastor we hadn’t had an opportunity and we tried other places, so thank you for allowing this. We are just trying to do our part,” Goodman said.